Welsh FinTech: From Coal Mining to Digital Tech Hub

2 Jun 2017

by Will Jones

Tech in Wales

Ever heard of Welsh FinTech? If you haven’t already, you will soon. According to the latest UK Tech Nation Report, the number of tech businesses in South Wales has risen by 28 per cent in the last year. This makes South Wales among the five fastest growing digital clusters in the UK. The report also showed that 17,471 people are now employed in the tech sector in South Wales. A Gross Value Added of £392m, up from £369m last year. Thus illustrating the growing value to Wales of the digital economy.

FINkit in Wales

Reflecting this growing success of attracting highly skilled software engineers in the region, it is positive to see FINkit continue to develop its presence in Nantgarw, just north of the Cardiff city centre. We are proud to be an instrumental part of the growing presence of the fast moving FinTech sector in the “Silicon Valleys of South Wales”.

Engineering at FINkit is led by Anouska Streets, an alumni of University of South Wales. She has assembled a world class team of software engineers. Her team are at any one time building and testing platform services. Services which help UK banks with their digital strategy and help them to truly embrace technology.

An Eye to the Future

UK banks are seeking to position themselves for the opportunities that the CMA’s Open Banking initiative will present next year. They can’t achieve this alone. FINkit will continue to expand its presence in Cardiff and embrace the core of engineering talent readily available to tap into.

To keep up-to-date with our Nantgarw office follow our head of engineering Anouska on Twitter @AnouskaStreets

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