Up, Up and Away: FINkit Accreditation

9 Jun 2017

by Anna Bennett

You might wonder ‘how can I take over my own development on a new platform like FINkit?’ Actually – we make it easy with FINkit accreditation. Most often, we provide a minimal amount of Professional Services and because it’s not an area of the business we want or need to grow – that’s your job – we hand over the reins as soon as you’re ready.

Self Service Accreditation

Our highly specialised Self Service FINkit Accreditation process enables teams and individuals in gaining a deeper understanding of the FINkit platform and the platform’s Ways of Working. Firstly, we allow teams and individuals to learn at their own pace and adapt the process or ways of working to what suits you best. To this end, you get minimal involvement from us which ensures the smoothest journey to FINkit accreditation. Thus getting you working with FINkit as quickly as possible.

What Does FINkit Accreditation Cover?

The accreditation process covers a wide range of the traditional product and development functions. Therefore, support is provided for Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Development Leads and Developers/Developers In Test. Likewise, all are able to complete a range of induction materials through various mediums. Typically, presentations, videos, audio files, formatted text, images – are all provided in a modularised learning framework.

What Skills Will I acquire?

With the ability to scale the process easily, it’s actually just as simple to accredit multiple teams as it is individuals. Learning how to use FINkit couldn’t be easier and the accreditation process covers the following areas:

  • FINkit Principle & Ideals
  • Architecture of FINkit
  • Dev Setup
  • Dev Tooling
  • Core Concepts of FINkit
  • Core Components of FINkit
  • FINkit QE

If you want to ensure an effective and efficient development curve on FINkit then get in touch today to discuss your specific accreditation and training requirements info@finkit.com

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