Banks: Is Your Digital Transformation Set Up To Fail?

4 Aug 2017

by Nick Cheetham

Is your Digital Transformation unwittingly being set up to fail?

If you’ve found yourself – as many banks have – in #TransformationGridlock, then read on. Huge transformation programmes move at a pace slower than snails and as a result, the need for a new bank operating model is becoming apparent in banking. While banks are adopting new thinking, it is clear that they need a lot of help. Help to transform little-by-little and be relevant right now in the digital era.

The Holy Grail of Cloud Native Banking Platforms

Banks are finding that transformation is a necessity. Evolving market conditions and changing customer demands have made it so. Technology will underpin banks’ ability to keep up with the pace of change. While improvements in ways of working can always be made, most acknowledge that their traditional systems don’t make change easy and are therefore creating ‘cloud-native’ platforms to compete on a level playing field with new, less encumbered, ‘digital-first’ market entrants. But this is taking several years, costing hundreds of millions of pounds and yielding little in terms of new products and services for customers.

Why Start From Scratch?

There is no need for banks to start from scratch. Transformation can be much quicker and more successful in partnership with a proven solution provider. FINkit is a developer toolkit with build-and-run environments. It enables banks to run many more change cycles at lower cost. A typical example delivered over a 90% reduction in cost-per-release-per-user, while supporting a 10-fold increase in customer releases per year.

Follow the link below and download the information that will STOP your #TransformationGridlock in its tracks and put you firmly on the happy path.

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