FINkit Community: Teen Tech Accelerator

27 Apr 2017

by Anna Bennett 

Today is National Take Your Child to Work Day and in the FINkit Community, we joined in early. We ran our own Teen Tech Accelerator a couple of weeks ago in the Easter Holidays. Consequently, it didn’t detract from our children’s school work. This has still to really take on in the UK as much as the US and so they’d otherwise be missing a normal school day.

Real Life Work!

Our objective was to really bring to life ‘a day at FINkit’. So rather than spending a day listening to Mum in abstract meetings with no background context, or to Dad on the phone trying to resolve issues that make no sense – we decided we’d like to give our teens an overarching idea of what we are about and how we work with our banking clients. We took them through a whirlwind day of the process of ideating, running a focus group, coding, designing and creating a financial app for their own age group. That was about as much information as we gave them as we led them through our agile design process and started to draw out their ideas, opinions and experience.

The Result

The team came up with a Teen-focused combined current and savings app called ‘Stash’ (TM Pending ;)). Key features of the app included:

  • Savings pots or ‘stashes’: one stash for each thing you were saving money for
  • Goals and rewards: goals
  • Smart linking for savings goals: including a link for registration of a gift list
  • Friend Leagues: Game-style league tables for showing how ‘on target’ you are compared to friends. This also featured the ability to have friends add to your stash for birthdays, etc.
  • Spend Categorisation: the ability to see at a glance what you spent your money on last month, where you saved money and what it had done to your spending goals.
  • Notifications: For when you had badly affected your stashes by spending too much, or for when you hit your goal and achieved rewards.

What was very pleasing was that the day was an equal mix of girls and boys with no difference in enthusiasm from either. There’s no doubt that we should be encouraging our children to understand the world of work, as applied to the world that they inhabit. It can only help focus their minds into providing the solutions of the future.


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