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20 Feb 2017

FINkit is only part of the complete story. This FINkit Partners video talks through our pioneering partnership programme. It’s exclusively focused on enabling banks to collaborate with both established technology providers and the high growth fintech community. All through a single integration point.

Above all, only FINkit provides everyone – from emerging FinTech to global bank – everything they need to design, build and run secure and compliant services using cloud-based technology.  FINkit’s unique Compliance Framework and Pipeline enables the enforcement of bank-grade governance, risk and compliance controls. Thus, enabling continuous delivery of high volume low risk change into production.

Who Is FINkit For?

Customers use FINkit to:

  • Build: digital services quickly and cost effectively
  • Pilot: in a bank-grade production sandbox
  • Run: reliable operational services with bank-level SLA’s
  • Distribute: services to any end point inside or outside their business

Answering The New Bank Operating Model Challenge

In short, it’s time for a new approach to innovation. Geared towards getting new products and services to market, into consumers hands. Iterating based on real-world experience and feedback. That’s real innovation.

Likewise, that’s what we believe in at FINkit. So that’s why we have brought together the people, partners and process to create the FINkit platform and toolkit. To deliver transformative change.

The challenge facing retail banks isn’t a new one – nor is it one that will be solved overnight. But boards have bought into innovation, customers are demanding it and with every recommendation from on high. From the regulators and others – you can sense the groundswell of movement towards making real innovation a reality.

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