Digital Concepts for Retail Banks – Execute on Innovation

30 May 2017

A book of ideas to assist you in bringing to life concepts for the digital era.

by Anna Bennett

Ever sat in your office, pondering over digital concepts for retail banks? ‘I wonder what an awesome savings proposition would look like in pictures?’. Or indeed ‘which partners would I pull together to form the best in market travel proposition?’ … then help is at hand.

The Book of Digital Concepts for Retail Banks

For this reason, we’ve authored a book called ‘Execute on innovation’. We’ve also jam-packed this 127-page masterpiece full of digital concepts for retail banks. Ideas that we can help you bring to life quickly by developing with FINkit. From livening up Everyday Spending to thoughtful Rewards and smooth Travel ideas. We’ve based our ideas on a number of factors. Consumer research studies, upcoming legislatory and regulatory changes, expectations from other sectors’ digital solutions and of course our own partner capabilities available now and in their future product roadmaps.

Development Platform

FINkit is a compliant and highly secure platform built specifically for the rigmarole of delivering Financial Services. It is the building block development platform for FS solutions.

Pre Built Components

The book easily shows you which pre-built components of FINkit you start with and which partner components can be added to develop what we’ve envisioned.


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