Show me don’t tell me

Our clients and prospects all tell us that the best way to appreciate the power of the FINkit platform and toolkit is to experience it first hand. Sign up today for one of our FREE offers.

A one day workshop designed to help you better understand the problem you are trying to solve. Our FINkit specialists and your team will pair up and together look at what problem we are trying to solve and how we will solve it.

By the end of the day for your individual problem/ domain we will have explored the domain research, agreed on a direction, defined a minimal viable product, validated the idea using lean methods and explored how the FINkit platform and toolkit can accelerate the development of the idea.

Our goal is to enable you to move forward at the end of workshop into executing on the idea should you wish to.


A half day workshop designed to help you better understand how to reduce the costs of change and increase the pace of change.

Our FINkit specialist will work with your commercial team to understand the true costs of a domain of digital activity of your choice and build a case demonstrating the commercial benefits of managing change enabled by FINkit.

Our goal is to enable you to move forward at the end of workshop with a clear understanding of the high level business case for FINkit in your business. Our aim is for every decision we make to be validated.


A 5 day Sprint where we pair our product managers, designers and engineers with counterparts from your own cross-functional “feature team” to work side by side in order to design, build, pilot, launch and iterate a concept.

During the Sprint we will demonstrate both lean and agile ways of working underpinned by the FINkit platform, toolkit and capabilities – and in doing so build a product feature.

Our goal is show how we can break down organisational silos, knowledge share and maximise the benefits of the platform automation and toolkit. You will have 100% transparency and leave the week knowing how you can boost your pace of change.


Innovation Executed

80% of banks are spending over £25m per year on innovation theatre and you’ve told us that you want to move beyond this. So forget Innovation Theatre, take back control of the plan (and your inner rock star) and Execute on Innovation.

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