We believe in being bold, even if this means defending your point of view with our clients.

We are confident, courageous, and distinctive. We know our stuff. We seek this in our team and it is an essential quality when making markets, building businesses and making a difference to our customers.

In a crowded market we cannot afford to be anything but bold to punch above our weight and promote our point of view.

We believe in embracing the chance to move fast, iterate and learn in all aspects of our business.

Success isn’t achieved following a straight line, we are brave enough to zig and zag.

We don’t fear failure or working autonomously to move forward and achieve goals.

We are a workshop of inventors.

We believe in embracing creativity and original thought to solve important problems and create new opportunities.

We encourage a culture of builders – building markets, building solutions, building movements!

We believe in coming to work to make a difference. We find things to be passionate about.

We focus on solving the big problems that make a big, positive impact on our industry, our clients and our colleagues.

We don’t believe in coming to work to go through the motions, waste time and be busy fools. We do the right thing.

We believe in relying on our team to be honest and truthful.

If our customers are to trust us, then we must trust and be open with each other.

We trust each other to do our jobs, we trust each other to do our best, not to hide but learn from mistakes and to be dependable.

Meet the Team

Meet our thought leaders – people who have something to say because they engage regularly in their wider communities outside of FINkit® and they live and breathe this stuff day in, day out. We’d encourage you to engage in the debate and follow them on Twitter – they’ll usually follow you back. Engagement is the key to change.

We’ve also shone the spotlight on some of the other people around our business who aren’t always in the spotlight because it gives you a great idea of who we are, what we do and don’t do and what our people think.

Nick Cheetham: Managing Director

Instrumental in the creation of the FINkit business, Nick is a technologist at heart. He benefits from 30+ years of successes and lessons learnt during the game-altering years of many high-tech innovators of their time, both as an individual contributor through to executive leadership. At Sun Microsystems he helped pioneer Open Systems and Client Server architectures in the 80’s. He drove global sales across 30+ countries for a high growth private-cloud start-up (before it was termed cloud) founded by a former CTO of Goldman Sachs. He then led Digital Marketing Platform sales at Microsoft.

Twitter Handle: @nickcheetham

Nick White: Head of Product and Marketing

Nick White leads the FINkit Product and Marketing team. Nick has been building digital products for over 20 years across a range of sectors and for admired brands including Barclays, Virgin and Vodafone, as well as helping build new businesses in both banking and payments. Nick speaks frequently at leading industry events and featured in the most popular ever edition of Breaking Banks’ podcast, where he puts a customer-focused lens on banking problems.

Twitter Handle: @gonickwhite

Anna Bennett: Head of Partners

Anna Bennett has more than 20 years’ experience of working in the technology sector, serving clients across a number of verticals. She’s worked for FINkit from the very beginning and is Head of Partners, defining and executing partner strategy and selection to provide a coherent suite of solutions. In her quest to ‘find the best’ Anna has dealt with more than a hundred and fifty FinTechs over the last eighteen months and her work was recognised by Innovate Finance who named Anna on their Women in FinTech Power List 2016.

Twitter Handle: @annab_tech

Anouska Streets: Head of Engineering

Anouska Streets has over 20 years of software engineering experience across multiple sectors. She’s highly experienced and has worked directly with a broad range of technologies and platforms. She’s managed the transformation of software development organisations as the industry has transitioned into cloud-native based delivery. This includes the adoption of DevOps practices and importantly driving the cultural changes and behaviours to make it a success.

Twitter handle: @anouskastreets

Theo Gough: Head of Technology

Theo Gough has spent 25 year in technology, delivering and consulting for many UK & European Retail banks, along with SI’s, Processors and other organisations. He’s delivered ‘full stack’ industry solutions running teams from 1 to 100. Theo developed the original vision for FINkit and maintains its coherent and collaborative ethos and evolution. He now sets direction and helps others understand the benefits of FINkit inside, across and outside the business.

Twitter Handle: @theogough

Will Jones: Head of Business Operations

Will has over 25 years’ experience in turning good ideas into operational successes, across a string of major financial services businesses. He was a founding member of the Egg Bank UK management team responsible for launching the world’s first internet only bank, growing to 3 million customers in 3 years, and through an IPO to a market cap of £1 Bn.
Will is passionate about establishing and growing digital financial services businesses that make a difference to customer’s lives.

Twitter Handle: @willjon291

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