Focus on solving the root cause of your problems

We understand that legacy systems and processes, along with concerns around security, risk and compliance stand in the way of executing on change. Whether that is refactoring existing digital products to gain operational efficiencies or getting new products out the door.

FINkit works with your existing systems, addresses the pressure of those legacy technologies and slow change cycles and enables the continuous delivery of new features to the same high bank-grade standards.

Accelerating the pace and reducing the cost of change with FINkit means…

  • Meeting rising customer expectations

  • Responding quickly to
    regulatory pressure

  • Responding to competitive threats with great products

  • Delivering on operational efficiencies and cost savings

The FINkit platform and toolkit will
transform your ways of working

The FINkit platform and toolkit automates your change process, breaks down delivery silos, reduces the complexity and minimises friction in the design, development and delivery of digital services.

Each change is low risk, low cost, and stacked full of value; bringing more features to more customers more quickly.

FINkit Solution Overview

Focused on minimising Idea-to-Production latency. FINkit’s automated compliance framework is the cornerstone of the platform. Pre-built components and capabilities, tooling and access to curated FinTech offerings enable a fast start, instant innovation and continuous delivery in hours. Sandbox speed with production standards.

Key Elements of the FINkit solution


    A set of fully integrated collaboration and developer tools to enable collaborative design, development, test and deployment of digital services using the FINkit platform.


    A set of standard components to underpin specific business logic such as creating a consumer record or storing consumer data. These components reduce the developer effort in design, development, test and support effort in production.


    Reusable common services which perform a B2B or B2C business function. Capabilities today include accounts, transactions, location, comms and card storage.


    FINkit enables Platform Developers to easily integrate with the latest capabilities provided by FinTechs. 3rd party services benefit from consistent use of the platform’s Compliance Framework and enhancement of Monitoring and Alerting.


    FINkit’s compliance and automation framework is the cornerstone of the platform covering the build pipeline and operational capabilities. Designed to specifically meet the needs of Financial Services in a continual delivery environment.


    FINkit provides a clean, flexible specification that guides the design of all RESTful APIs for FINkit Services to create consistency for developers. This provides re-use, waste reduction, flexibility for all services and distribution to any end point.


    FINkit’s underlying PaaS and IaaS are designed to meet aggressive bank-grade SLAs. Alternative infrastructure options, for example where Financial Institutions prefer to choose their own provider or run FINkit inside their own environments can be achieved and can be discussed on a case by case basis.


    Operational support is inherent in everything we do. Our systems and processes enforce the right standards and controls, provide end-to-end traceability, ensure that problems are detected quickly and the right people automatically alerted to resolve them effectively.

FINkit in 5 minutes

Hear from our team why we created FINkit, what the FINkit solution provides for financial services firms and how it works.

Why risk doing it yourself?

Setting up and operating your own platform and toolkit is only going to delay you getting more products out of the door. Save the time, risk and investment in your own platform and instead leverage FINkit to focus on what really matters – better serving customers while substantially reducing costs.

Benefits of FINkit

The benefits are clear – A study of Tier 1 banks shows how using FINkit to replace a single large monolithic service reduces per user cost by 93 per cent while supporting a 10 fold increase in annual customer releases.

  • 93% Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • 10 Fold increase in releases

Show me don’t tell me

Our clients and prospects all tell us that the best way to appreciate the power of the FINkit platform and toolkit is to experience it first hand. Sign up today for one of our FREE offers.




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